Amplify for Harvest

A real-time client dashboard for Harvest users

Initially designed for design agencies with retained clients, Amplify is a kickass online client dashboard system designed to dramatically update the way you report how and where your clients' money is being spent. It's secure, engaging, convenient and useful. Crucially though, it breeds trust in your business.

Amplify will bring unprecedented depth and transparency to your client-agency relationship, reporting their key information in real-time at a glance. If your clients need more detail, Amplify will fill their screen with progression for every live project you have.

Amplify accounts are setup and immediately begin to display information for your Retained and Ad-Hoc clients and you can tune the dials up exactly how you want them.

Clients can access Amplify on their phone just as easily as on any desktop computer and we'll keep it beautiful and uncluttered on any screen you can throw at it.

Amplify isn't limited to Retained clients either. For clients not on a retainer (Ad-Hoc clients), Amplify is not only useful for reporting the progress of every active project against any budget, it also gives your clients a over-arching snapshot of how many hours you have worked across ALL projects, and crucially, how many hours AREN'T budgeted - meaning they'll always appreciate how much they owe you - budgeted or not! Friends forever?

Amplify also offers a great new place for your clients to find their entire photography library as you can directly link it to your Lightroom photography catalogue. Every shot is available in their Amplify dashboard enabling easy browsing, downloading and feedback with comments and likes. And your edits? Real-time too.

Register your interest at the bottom of the page, check out the demo below or sign up for a Free 60-Day Trial (no credit card needed).

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Client Dashboard

Real-time reporting for retained and ad-hoc clients

The Retainer Dashboard

The Ad-Hoc Dashboard (coming in V2)

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Lightroom Photography Library - for your clients

All in one place and accessible from anywhere in the world

If you ever produce photography for your clients you'll love Amplify. If you use Adobe Lightroom to edit and manage your photography library, it's effortless! Every single shot is easily organised and available in each of your client's Amplify dashboards. They'll love the convenience and the time you're giving them and any changes to any photos sync seamlessly.

You can even cleanly curate your photography into albums, and when you're syncing to Lightroom Mobile, it's insanely easy!

In 3 clicks or less your clients will find the shot they need, whether it was shot last week or 5 years ago, whether you have one small album or 50 epic collections for them, clients can easily browse, download, like and feedback with comments on any connected device in the world.

Any comments or likes feed straight into Lightroom back at your place in real-time (requires a free Adobe ID on your client's side).

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Amplify's Dashboard Dials

The Heart of Amplify

The central dial is without doubt the most important device in the whole of Amplify. It confirms your retainer's allowance, usage, progression and efficiency in an incredibly simple dial, absorbable in a flash. Remaining hours are displayed explicitly in the centre and include any rollover brought forward from last month (if you want to use the rollover feature). You don't have to calculate anything. The orange dial begins each month at 100% (all this months pre-purchased hours + any rollover from last month). As the month, and the work you do for your client progresses the orange dial decreases. Concurrently, the white dial grows with chronological progression of the current month (empty on the 1st and 100% full by the end of the month).

Combining these 2 dials gives your clients a powerful comparison of the rate you're using their hours against progression of the current month, illustrating how efficiently your time and their money are being used. Over the course of each month, the rate the orange circle is consumed should mirror the rate at which the white circle builds. If the orange consistently leaves a gap to the white, you have a great illustration to suggest they up their hours.

The dashboard also boasts 4 smaller supporting dials which bring Amplify's rollover feature into its own. These offer more elaborate information as to the current state of each client's account - ensuring your clients are always incredibly comfortable with the flexibility that rollover gives them.

The first 2 dials are used to illustrate rollover from last month, with the first dial offering a summary of how last month finished and the second explicitly displaying rollover hours - which are at risk if not used within the month they rollover to.

The third dial shows the potential amount of hours each client can accrue for use next month. ie If no more hours are used in the current month they will rollover and be available next month to make the total shown here.

Finally the overtime dial plainly shows how many hours' work you have done past their pre-paid retainer hours to be charged in excess of the retainer at your standard rate.

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