What is Serosensa?

Web, Video, Graphics & Photography. What's not to love?

Serosensa Creative is a busy Nottingham design agency responsible for Amplify. Boasting kick-ass results, standards and relationships, the collective turnover of our client list exceeds a quarter of a billion pounds.

If you're our client, you're family. You don't get power-ties and buzzwords - you get looked after. You get exciting, honest advice developed into engaging, confident marketing.

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Client Dashboard

Real-time reporting for retained and ad-hoc clients

The Retainer Dashboard

The Ad-Hoc Dashboard

Lightroom Photography Library - for your clients

All in one place and accessible from anywhere in the world

If you ever produce photography for your clients you'll love Amplify. If you use Adobe Lightroom to edit and manage your photography library, it's effortless! Every single shot is easily organised and available in each of your client's Amplify dashboards. They'll love the convenience and the time you're giving them and any changes to any photos sync seamlessly.

You can even cleanly curate your photography into albums, and when you're syncing to Lightroom Mobile, it's insanely easy!

In 3 clicks or less your clients will find the shot they need, whether it was shot last week or 5 years ago, whether you have one small album or 50 epic collections for them, clients can easily browse, download, like and feedback with comments on any connected device in the world.

Any comments or likes feed straight into Lightroom back at your place in real-time (requires a free Adobe ID on your client's side).

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The Retainer Model

Everything Simplified. The Retainer Explained.

The Upsides

No Surprises - As well as keeping your design and promo work far more consistent, retainers are great for controlling your clients' variable expenses and making long-term planning far easier as their marketing budget will typically be the same every month.

Better Hourly Rate - The main appeal of retainers is that your client's pre-payment and loyalty are supplemented by a discounted hourly rate.

Full Feedback - Your clients get access to the full 'bells-and-whistles' version of Amplify built for retainers, which gives you succinct reporting on everything they need to know in real-time. If you choose to rollout Deep Scrutiny (coming in V4) incredibly transparent itemised reports are also available anytime, whatever your clients need to know - whether they need updating on the last 15 minutes or every hour spent ever, for a specific project or your entire account - the detail is there.

Flexibility - We understand that creative requirements vary from month to month, so Amplify has been built to offer rollover of one month for any unspent hours, so your clients' work requirements can be variable whilst their costs remain steady. eg If they retain 10 hours per month, you can use 5 hours one month and 15 the next - no problems ...and no extra charges for them. Rollover is optional and can be turned on or off as required.

The Downside

Pre-Paid - Clients will have to pay for each month in advance.

Commitment - Typically your clients are contracted to a rolling agreement subject to a set notice period for cancellation (3 months in this example). Meaning if they decide it's not for them, they'll still be tied in to 3 more payments. On the plus-side, the rollover model Amplify offers means that they can spend those hours over the following 4 months.

Risk of Wastage - As any unspent hours rollover to the next month only, any hours unspent after 2 months of becoming active are wasted. eg Should a client not request any work for 3 months, they have effectively paid for that first month and got nothing in return. As part of the monthly retainer model, this money is not refunded. Don't worry though, Amplify has your back, transparently reporting the threat of wastage with the 'Hours at Risk' dial on the main dashboard. In practice, wastage happens very rarely, but is still typically more cost-effective than the price of fewer hours billed without the retainer discount and your clients were always kept abreast in real-time throughout the month.

Amplify has you covered.

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Feature Requests

If you think something is missing, let us know!

Thank you - we will be in touch soon
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A glimpse into Amplify's evolution

The Ad-Hoc Dashboard

In the middle of the development process to build Amplify for Retained Clients we agreed that Amplify could be also useful to clients not on a retainer (Ad-Hoc Clients). The Ad-Hoc dashboard (coming in V2) will be useful for reporting projects' budgetary and chronological progression over the entire lifetime of every active project, whilst offering the same secure and convenient real-time destination to view your entire photography library. But it can be so much more...

As Amplify is built around our retainer service, the foundation of data needed is focused on this month and last month, and that's it - really focused. In coming versions we'll be re-engineering the timelines so that all clients can get a sense of the entire history of each of their projects. That's a lot of data, but we're up for it.

Amplify Mobile App

Amplify has a great web interface that has been designed to work really well on mobiles and tablets too. They say that the better something does its job, the more people take it for granted and we're damn sure that your clients will quickly get used to accessing their real-time reports whenever they want, wherever they want - meaning developing an Amplify app makes perfect sense.

If Amplify plays-out as well as we think it will, Serosensa will indeed invest in a full-blown suite of apps long-term. In the interim we have already started work on web-apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

We've complied a list of the most common questions asked regarding what and why Amplify is and how it works.

If you can't find answers to a question you have within the FAQ, please get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you though it.

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