A timeline of Amplify’s evolution. Past, present and future.

Here's a timeline of our progression ahead of the 2019 release.

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Version 1

Retainer Dashboard, Projects Breakdown Screen, Photography Library, Support & Resources.

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Version 2

All new Ad-Hoc Dashboard, Reworked Admin Panel, Automated Image Resizing, Per-Client Credit Limits, Rollover made Optional, Project Budgets Bars

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Early 2019

Version 3

Intuitive Setup Process, Switches, Tinker, Cloud Panel (supersedes Photography Library), Auth 2.0 Security, New Payment System, Redesigned Admin Section, Retainers Overview, Timeline Bars, Ad-Hoc Dials Redesign, Interactive Tooltips, Design Consistency.

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Future Plans

Version 4

Deep Scrutiny, Milestones, The Skinny, Flashbacks, Integrity Accreditation, Client Logo & Branding Downloads.

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