Client Dashboards

Effortlessly update your adhoc or retained clients in style

Amplify caters to agencies with classic Ad-Hoc and Retained clients with seperate dashboards designed solely for each purpose.

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Main AdHoc Dashboard

A reimagined 3-dial cluster + budget & timeline bars

Designed for your classic ad-hoc client who settles their invoice once the work is done, the ad-hoc dashboard addresses their main risk - accrued costs. These can quietly build and cause friction, so we've put ‘hours spent’ front and centre in a three-dial cluster clearly showing Total Hours Spent, Unbudgeted Hours Spent and Budgeted Hours Spent. Whatever your hourly rate, your clients will always feel confident with where their projects and costs stand.

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Main Retainer Dashboard

Coming in December

The dashboard for retained clients shows a quick summary of retained hours remaining (including any rollover from last month) against progression of the current calendar month, illustrating how efficiently your time and money are being used. The dashboard also reports hours used last month, hours at risk, the potential for next month and any overtime to be charged in excess of the retainer.

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