Amplify’s Admin Control Area

The Cog of Power

Manage your clients, add or remove users, integrate global and client-specific cloud items, control credit limits and rollover, effortlessly monitor all retainers and paint the whole house in your own colours.

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Manage Clients

Bespoke Settings for Each Client

Define your retained clients and add how many hours per month they prepurchase. All other clients remain AdHoc. Add and control user access for any client. Set Ad-Hoc credit limits and Retainer Rollover limits. Show/hide different Global Cloud Items on a per-client basis and even add bespoke items to offer each of your clients a fully customised and incredibly convenient Cloud Panel.

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Make it Your Own

Choose between dark / light moods, refurbish in your agency’s colour scheme or create something entirely new.

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Credit Limit (for Ad-Hoc Clients)

Polite Limits

At how many hours would you like the Unbudgeted Dial to reach 100%? Hours will continue to accrue beyond this amount but the dial will simply remain full.

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Rollover (for Retained Clients)

Offer Flexibility with Financial Consistency

We understand that your clients’ requirements vary from month to month, so Amplify has the option to rollover any unspent hours into the next month, so your clients’ work requirements can be variable whilst their costs remain steady.

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Global Shortcuts

Easily setup global items, then fine-tune each client

Some features within Amplify can be set ‘Globally’ meaning they’re amazingly efficient as they only need to be set once and apply to all clients. For instance, Tinker is global by definition but the default Cloud Panel, Retainer Rollover and Ad-Hoc Credit Limit can be altered globally and then customised for each client if needed.

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Retainer Overview

The State of Play

Here’s a great feature for any agency director. The Retainer Overview displays the real-time progress for all retainers at a glance so you can get the status of all retained accounts and know if your behind, on, or ahead of schedule in seconds.

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